DooWee & Rice

Take out/Eat in

Delivery (5-8:30pm)
Phone - 617 764 1906

868 Broadway, Somerville Ma 02144

Hours of Operation
Monday - CLOSED until further notice
Tuesday - 12pm-9pm
Wednesday - 12pm-9pm
Thursday - 12pm-9pm
Friday - 12pm-10pm
Saturday - 12pm-9pm
Sunday - closed



Deliveries are within a 1.5 mile radius and are between the hours of 5-830pm Tues-Thurs, Sat..and from 5-930pm Fridays.

****Now offering ALL college students 10% off with valid I.D. due to popular demand. 


Hello everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and is faring well with this recent heat wave!

There have been several menu changes that need to be updated and will be updated in the next week. 

Please refer to our facebook page for our most recent updates.



Apologies for the long delay between updates, as many of you know I've been extremely busy updating everything at the restaurant. New things are on the way including a picture full menu board with full descriptions, seafood dishes, and of course tweaks and improvements in all of our dishes. 

I wanted to take a moment to point out a few things I never got around to mentioning;

-Every single morsel of chicken, every single piece of pork, and every slice of high quality beef in our beef noodles and steak dish, is in fact HAND SLICED..we do not have a meat slicer or any type of automatic food processor. We take pride in preserving knife skills. 
-There is absolutely ZERO oil in our chicken and rice dish. I cant reveal how we make our chicken or how we get it crispy and moist but I can promise you all there is zero oil used in the cooking process whatsoever. We use Halal boneless skinless chicken thighs. 
-Zero oil in our steak and rice dish, who needs it with all that amazing marbling?
-Zero oil in our pork dishes, all natural! 
-Basically all of our dishes that still remain from our original menu have been revamped and improved 10 times over.
-Please do not take how I speak on here to you all as brash or rude, personally I believe the best way to make everyone feel comfortable is to speak to them just like you would to your friends.
-HABANEROS are SPICY (cant believe I have to add this lol)
-Currently interested in finding investors!
-Get you cash advance online up to $300-500!

We currently have a great selection of Bao Baos, some of our new ones can be seen below.

Extra fatty (not kidding) braised pork belly, lightly fried, sliced, and topped with a sweet, savory, and peppery braising liquid reduction. (not available everyday, sorry!)

"Runny" side up egg, ultra crispy bacon, white/hot sauce. If you enjoy runny yolk...prepare for an amazing explosion! (available by requests only)

For the vegetarians, my take on the widely popular Falafel. 
We also have a new rice dish.

Crispy fried chicken with a secret sauce.

I was recently featured in the Boston Globe again and also Boston Magazine!

Globe Article;


January has flown by! Apologies for the long delay between updates..unfortunately recently my car was broken into and I was left without my laptop and I rarely have time to access other computers so there may be delays in updates for the next few weeks but bare with me!

We are now open on Mondays again! From 5-9pm

New hit items added to the menu this month include;

Sauteed Tofu Baos (vegetarian friendly)
Char Siu Chicken Baos
Lime Habanero Chicken Baos (spicy!)
B.B.L.T - Bacon Bao Lettuce Tomato..familiar twist to the classic B.L.T
Sweet Potato fries with Hoisin sauce to dip (unique and delicious combo)

Fun fact

In this collage above there is a photo of chef Ming Tsai and myself during my first month of culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu. Several years later and after opening my very own restaurant I am featured in it with chef Ming Tsai featured on the cover..quite ironic and awesome!!

my article in Improper Bostonian is out! awesomeee


....its true


***if you're hungry, and don't have enough money..just come on in! I can't stand seeing anyone down on their luck and hungry. I spent months volunteering in the kitchen at Boston Rescue Mission and will never forget what it means to help.
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